Pinhole Photography?

Phew….just about rounding off another quarter.

In my alternative processes class we worked with a variations of mediums, which in the long run really made me appreciate the digital era. I made cyanotypes, van dykes, film transfers to cloth, wood, metal, and much more.

Our final consisted of us creating a pinhole camera (from scratch) and developing a series with at least 9 photographs. Let me just say this was an experience! Although I enjoyed the handcrafting, it was a very fickle process. However, in the end I have something to show for it!

My theme of this collection is based on the irony of having your eyes closed in a moment, but then viewing the moment in a photograph. I also played on the idea that when we shut out eyes and rub them (usually happens after long hours on the computer, where I came up with the theme!) we see colors on our eyelids. I shot this series into the sun to represent the colors seen, and every image is showcased with my eyes closed.

If you are interested in an easy pinhole camera tutorial, I found one here


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