It’s All About the Bling

To continue my projections of everything wedding inspired, I thought it would be perfect to end on a “shiny” note….

It’s all about the details in the wedding industry, and a big detail is the bling!

I find it important to capture a variation of set ups with the ring, all showcasing a creative take on beauty and class.



Although it may be hard to continually take a break from our busy schedules, it is so important to have a daily devotional.

It is obvious in my attitude if I miss my quiet time.  It is very beneficial to hear the words of God each day to deliver us from our struggles and worries.

God is first every day.

Here is a tiny portion of my devotional today….

“You were made to create. You were made to succeed.”

As artists, we can’t take for granted our ability to push a photograph further than just a photograph, it is a way to create an emotional tie and inspire our viewers.


Pinhole Photography?

Phew….just about rounding off another quarter.

In my alternative processes class we worked with a variations of mediums, which in the long run really made me appreciate the digital era. I made cyanotypes, van dykes, film transfers to cloth, wood, metal, and much more.

Our final consisted of us creating a pinhole camera (from scratch) and developing a series with at least 9 photographs. Let me just say this was an experience! Although I enjoyed the handcrafting, it was a very fickle process. However, in the end I have something to show for it!

My theme of this collection is based on the irony of having your eyes closed in a moment, but then viewing the moment in a photograph. I also played on the idea that when we shut out eyes and rub them (usually happens after long hours on the computer, where I came up with the theme!) we see colors on our eyelids. I shot this series into the sun to represent the colors seen, and every image is showcased with my eyes closed.

If you are interested in an easy pinhole camera tutorial, I found one here


Sometimes you just need to free your mind and dance.

I think escaping from the routines of everyday life is essential to staying sane, everyone needs their inspiration moments to keep them going. In tough moments, its important to remember that happiness is in fact a choice. Life is a joyful thing, and thinking with the glass half full is always helpful.

What is your personal escape mechanism?


Hi my name is Nala, and I have a severe case of ADD.

I am constantly into something, whether it be my mommy’s socks, shoes, or the toilet. To say the least, I am NOT picky. I will basically eat ANYTHING. Hey, rocks aren’t so bad.

Some of my favorite things are long walks, pupperoni treats, water, cool grass, and my fluffy bed.

I’m really surprised my mommy was able to snap this picture of me, I usually don’t stay still for more than two seconds. 

Instagram | Love & Hate

Instagram has become quite the phenomenon. I consider it a fulfilling way to share ideas, places, and people. I almost consider it a diary, where anyone and everyone is welcome to take a step into my shoes and have a preview of my life. Although I enjoy the thoughts behind Instagram, I barely consider it a type of photography. The images seem to be more “snapshots” merely thought about, and present a “stumbled upon” moment. I do not necessarily agree with the idea that there are “Instagram Professionals” out there. As a photographer,  I find a simple mobile image considered as a photograph almost insulting. Unfortunately to my upcoming profession, I am finding that many individuals are seeing photography as a revenue that they can participate in without the need of professional help. Which leaves me with the thought, if technology continues to share ideas such a Instagram, what’s left for the actual photographer?