Andrea | Bridals

Andrea was a dream to shoot.

I tried to do a different look with this bride, accentuating the form of her dress and textured backgrounds.

Her look doesn’t only exude beauty, but also interesting form and urban landscapes.


bess friday

I am continually inspired by the work of Bess Friday.

Her work is always fresh and modern, pushing the boundaries on portraiture.

Bess is a resident of San Francisco and is captivated by places and people.

Her work shows intuitive interest on detail. It’s all in the details.

Bess photographs fashion, lifestyle, and interiors. I happen to be most inspired by her fashion work, the creative styling really is the trick.

I think Bess is impacting photography by not falling into the trends, creating strong and timeless work.

Bess Friday’s blog posts are informative and interesting, captivating her audiences with her voice and beautiful portraits.

a bride’s beauty

My favorite thing to photograph on a wedding day, well besides all of the moments full of love, is the bride and all of her extravagant accessories.

Each bride I encounter is absolutely glowing, there must be something about all the anticipation and preparing that puts them over the top. Completely full of love, allowing a beautiful bride to be shown. I have never met a bride that wasn’t smiling ear to ear, ready to start their new chapter with their husband. Most girls begin daydreaming about their big day as soon as they start playing with Barbies, this is true for me anyway. I think all the exciting anxiousness emits this “glow” in each bride.

Ann is a perfect example of this “glow”, I mean just look at her!


Pictures like these make me wonder why I am a resident of Fort Worth, Texas.

Although I am a lover of fields that go on and on…I wouldn’t mind having some beach in my life.

But really, who wouldn’t?

Maui has to be the most beautiful island in the world, it has my vote anyway.

Oh how I love…


I have come to the realization that I get more of a rush after purchasing antiques than shoes. And trust me, I LOVE shoes.

There is just something about owning an item with history, that has lived through eras and touched the lives of numerous people. I am always interested in carrying a tradition on, expanding my horizons by taking a step back into the lives of people before me. I personally think I’m an old soul, I tend to stray away from new, and go for the old. I try to think of this as a way to seperate myself from other photographers of my genre. I am basically obsessed with historic items!

I hope my love for antiques doesn’t result in hoarding…I can easily see how it could!

This is just a little guy I picked up this week at the antique mall.

The Dominican Republic

I was truly humbled with my taste of the Dominican Republic.

Not only did I enjoy taking in the beautiful scenery of the vast mountains and gorgeous ocean, I took away new ideas and thoughts on life.

While having the opportunity to step into a common household, I saw how much love that the family has, even if they don’t live with material things.

They truly choose to live life happily, besides, happiness is a choice.

A Day Of Love